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Welcome to FARITEC Water Recycling Systems

Since 1992, we have been producing equipment for reclaiming of organic polluted waste water from industrial, automotive and metal industries, in particular plants for the continuous cleaning and circulation of industrial water. We rely on our three patented processes, which are based on many years of research by the company founder Prof. Dr. rer. nat. M. Fariwar.

Industrial Recycling
Treatment of industrial waste water is one of the biggest and most urgent environmental challenges of our time. All major energy production and manufacturing industries require wat.. READ MORE
Recycling For Car wash
Recycling wastewater from your car wash can increase profitability while helping to conserve water and helping the environment Our engineers have design treatment system to suit.. READ MORE

Why Choosing FARITEC Water Recycling Systems

Over 20 Years of Expeirence

We have a range of water specialists who can help you along the way. Whether you want a massive fountain or just a small water feature, we can design the right solution for you.

Equipment, design & Build

We build high-performance, cost-effective turnkey industrial wastewater treatment and water recovery systems that always deliver long-term reliability.

Service, support & more

We have our own installation, onsite service and remote support teams, as well as in-house controls specialists

Performance Guarantee

You depend on your treatment system to ensure manufacturing stays on track, so we guarantee the performance of that system - at no incremental cost to you.

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